With our hardware and software you can experience, train and optimize your brain states in real time. This is achieved by neurofeedback. Our brains communicate through neurotransmitters that produce electricity, which basically represents activity. READ MORE >>


An awesome hardware/software bundle


Interactive Brainwave Installations, Talks & Workshops

We offer a brainwave installation at your party or meeting if u wish. We can do a more scientific installation or more sciedelic one for different parties.

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We also offer educative presentations about neurofeedback, meditation and other information.

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who is this NEUROFOX?

We are a Berlin based Start-Up specialising in the production of neurofeedback hardware and software.


who are the NEUROFOXes?

Willi Konrad Döring

Willi Konrad Döring

Co-Founder/ CEO

Masahiro Kahata

Masahiro Kahata

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Robert Langer

Robert Langer

Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Silver Kuusik

Silver Kuusik

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Malte Brinkmeyer

Chief Science Officer

our vision

Our vision is to make the world a better place by improving mental well being through optimizing our brains.

our mission

Our mission is to open up the possibility to improve mental health, sustainable & evidence based, as an alternative to pharmaceutics.


Your privacy

It is our belief that the users’ Brainwave and Biometric Data belong to you the user. Therefore we do our best to guarantee the highest protection of your data. At all times you retain complete ownership of all Brainwave and Biometric Data collected during the use of our product and services.