With our hardware and software you can experience, train and optimize your brain states in real time. This is achieved through neurofeedback (read more).

Our brains communicate through neurotransmitters that orchestrate the activity of billions of neurons. The activity of neurons emits electricity. Our neuroheadset measures that electricity on the skin of the forehead and our software processes the signal so that it can translated into a visual or auditory feedback on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This enables you to see your brain in action and how it behaves and performs in real time.

When you want to become more focused or more relaxed, the software will give you a reward every time you come closer to your desired state of mind.

The underlying principle is based on peer-reviewed scientific literature, and the neurofeedback training produces lasting effects (neuroplasticity). This allows you to reach desired states of mind more easily, and integrate them into your everyday life.

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