Interactive Brainwave Installation:

We are enthusiastic about interactive brainwave art installations. If you are looking for an installation with novel technology and a guaranteed wow-effect, then please feel free to contact us.

Talks & Presentations

We are always happy to present a novel talk at an awesome event.

If you would like to have us speaking on your event about Brain Computer Interface Technology, Neurofeedback or related topics then please feel free to contact us.

List of previous events:

>> 26.12.2014 – Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany, „Exploiting Brain-Computer Interfaces“

>> 3.10.2015 – Maker Faire / MeshCon, Berlin, Germany „Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces“

>> 28.12.2015 – Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany „Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces“

>> 30.01.2016 – FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium „Open-Source Neuroheadset Brain-Duino, High-Quality Brain-Computer Interface“